My various intentions and wordings about Film “TARA…the journey to love and passion'


In this world when it comes about movies, either legendary or the biggest blockbusters get the first place in the debate. In my opinion, movies, which worth to be pondered primarily, are those, which can be termed as 'essential movies'? “TARA…the journey to love and passion“ is of course an essential movie in the context of our society and social problems.

I call it an essential movie not because I am going to get established as an associate director and as an actor through this movie, no, but because I find it a soul touching movie.

Sometimes, as a human being, when I find myself hungry, tired, thirsty and shattered, I wonder why should we not reveal the hardships of those who spend their whole life struggling & in worry to earn a piece of bread.

 'Tara' isn't mere a movie, rather an Endeavour to unveil the hate able faces of those so called contractors of society, with the help of protagonist Tara, who dwell in our society.

Tara, responding in her jaw-dropping manner towards them, who find woman mere an object of pleasure, conveys that if woman can sacrifice for men's sake, she can also teach him a hard lesson. It's been a misconception in our society for ages that life long companionship of a man is inevitable for women. Tara determinedly says that women can live their life with all pride an dignity, without the grace of men, only, if they will.


2 years ago, when I came in touch of the director/producer of “TARA”, Mr. Kumar Raj, I had no idea that I was going to join a group where I'll get a lucky and golden chance, not only, to be a part of such a meaningful work, but also to acquaint myself with such a great personality. Today, at this point of this long but didactic journey, it feels, that it may be correct that 'our society lack good people', but it is not empty of them. What we need is passion to find them and live with them.

Summing up, I feel proud to be a part of “TARA” and also that my fate brought me to work with such a committed person like Mr. Kumar Raj.

I was born and raised in Delhi. I grew up along with my two elder brothers and a little sister in Delhi. My father was a small building contractor. I graduated with Arts from Delhi University Correspondent. During the schooling & collage I participated in annual functions and did various small character plays. After my collage I worked in First EUREKA FORBES LTD as a sales executive then i join S.K. Marketing (DSA) as a Back office Manager in Delhi. latter, four year of working with the company I was not satisfied of myself because I born for film industry then I decide to go to Mumbai and I came to Mumbai to make my career in films, I started my career in Hindi theatre and developed my passion and craft in Hind theatre. I did Hindi and Marwari play in Mumbai,Bihar,Gujarat &Hydrabaad.I credits my family’s dedication to supporting me a lot to go in film industry as an Actor & Director. Lotes of Love to my family .

Best Regards

Brijesh Kori

Actor / Associate Director

Film " TARA... the journey of love & passion "