TARA - The Journey of Love and Passion-Utpal Chakraborty, Creative Director

05/20/2013 15:13

TARA - The Journey of Love and Passion - Utpal Chakraborty, Creative Director

It has been a great experience working in movie "TARA - The Journey of Love and Passion".
Great Director-Producer Kumar Raj Sir. Great Team – Rekha Rana, Brijesh Kori, Rohan Shroff, Ashish Salim, Rohit Raj and all and of course a Great Story.

Creative Director - Utpal Chakraborty

Utpal Chakraborty, Creative Director, KumarRaj Productions (Film TARA- The Journey of Love & Passion)
I am a Software Engineer and have been in the IT industry from last 15 years but my love and passion for films have attracted me towards the dream city Mumbai from the IT city Bangalore. After attending couple of workshops and training courses on Cinematography, screenplay/script writing, direction and editing on weekends for about 2 years in Mumbai along with my software job I started getting offers from few production houses to work in their projects in various streams like screenplay/script development, direction as an associate director and on editing short films, documentaries, TV serials and feature films. At the same time I was very lucky to get few interesting assignments from Hollywood like editing, rewriting and beautifying existing Hollywood film stories/screenplays as a ghost writer through some channels here in Bollywood.

Creative Director - Utpal ChakrabortyI was very excited when I got a phone call from Mr. Kumar Raj, the Director & Producer of the movie "TARA - The Journey of Love and Passion" but unfortunately he did not mention anything about my role in proposed film during our telephonic conversation. So, I was bit worried and also shameful about my foolishness not asking anything about my role during our telephonic conversion. The very next day in the morning I went to Kumar Raj Productions office to meet him and during the meeting I was so surprised that he offered me the role of Creative Director in the film as well as Head of website development and social media marketing & promotion team. I was really happy that he realized my strength as software engineer as well as given an opportunity to develop & nurture my new skills in the film direction field.

Working in Tara has been a great experience for me, I learned a lot because it's a great team, full transparency and freedom working in Kumar Raj Productions and especially with Kumar Raj Sir, Dharm Ji, Brijesh & Rekha. Nobody will stop you if you want to do something out of the box, simply full freedom for your creativity.

I watched the movie in the editing room when it was in the final stage and I would say it’s an excellent movie, mind blowing. I was simply spellbound after watching the full movie in the editing room. I am very sure that it's going to be a super hit, you will just love it and it’s going to be a landmark in Indian cinema. I would like to invite you all to watch this great movie “TARA – The Journey of Love and Passion” once it's released in the movie theaters, please don't miss this great opportunity watching this in movie theater.

Utpal Chakraborty | Creative Director | Head, Social Media Marketing Team for film TARA |