Actor - Ashish Saleem

02/24/2013 13:34

Tara – the journey of love and passion is a benchmark film in my career not only as an artist but as part of our current society. I have been working in theatre group ( ANK – with Mr. Dinesh Thakur) for a period and have done few commercials as well.

When I was provided with the script for the movie, I was touched by the notion and perspective it was offering. It’s not always that an artist is lucky enough to get such an opportunity where he could play a role to support an agenda that is massively the need in our society today.

I have played a role of second hero in the film who is more academic and aesthetic towards the life, and have shared the way the community needs to love and respect women across the globe. The film has definitely described the in depth corruption that our society has being plagued with, so I can call it an initiative that does bond to a rising social agenda.

I am certain that the film would get a fine response from audiences across the states and also our message would be shared with proper dignity. I am positive that people would enjoy our work, which we have put in to make it a success.

As a person I believe the film has a lot of potential to be recognized in every segment of audience, the music and screenplays have been the finest and have necessarily touched every given segment of the society today.

To conclude I hope that people do understand the message of women liberation, and as a unit of community we all play our respective roles to get the best out for.