Press Conference at Delhi

06/21/2013 12:32

New Delhi, June 23: “Tara- The Journey of Love & Passion” is based on Women Empowerment, the press Conference of which was held on 21st June 2013, addressed by the Producer and Director Kumar Raj, Awninder Pratap Pandey (Nirbhaya’s Boyfriend) and actress Rekha Rana at Press club, Delhi. The movie is dedicated to the Delhi gang rape victim (Nirbhaya) and has won many awards in film festivals.

Awnindra Pratap Pandey (Nirbhaya’s Boyfriend) quoted, “I totally feel for the cause for which this film is based on and I am happy that someone has taken the step towards the empowerment of Women. I hope this small step would lead to the betterment of the society & provides a message to everyone.”

This powerful story of self-discovery transcends the original theme of tribal strife to raise a universal question- Can you always choose freedom & self-respect over social acceptance&#63 The journey of the ordinary woman Tara in extraordinary situations reveals the story of love and passion and how she deals with same.

Rekha Rana said, “I am from Delhi and I was very upset with the Nirbhaya incident. She feels lucky that "TARA" happened to her. This is kind of role she is been looking forward for.”

Director Kumar Raj said, “I happened to attend one of her plays, I had already auditioned more than 300 girls and was in search for leading lady for a very long time”. Mightily impressed with her stage presence, Rekha was called by Kumarji at his residence she gave her audition in front of 10 people including (writer, Kumarji) out of which 9 people voted for her. After 2 hours Rekha got a call from Kumarji, saying if she would like to work in the film.

This film could affect our society and really emphasizes on Women Empowerment & set to release on July 12, 2013.