Minu Singh - Co-producer, Lyricist, Composer

02/22/2013 14:19

I have been in the industry for a long time now as a Lyricist, composer, singer, contributing to the industry with quiet popular songs as “Dhol vajda” and many Bollywood movie songs.

When Kumar Raj the director and Producer met me and showed me the script I was intrigued with it, and felt a morale obligation that I need to contribute in any possible way to this project, so I came on board as a co producer. Its my first film project and I am glad that I am associated with such a defined film maker and script.

It’s a emotional movie as a woman I find that it’s a need for such films to be shared in the community today, awareness is a necessity where in as artist from the movie fraternity we are contributing in the very available medium to us.

As the script goes I would mention that the woman in India today are massively suffering in this male dominated society, incidents As Tara faces are suffered by many woman across India, in different states, this move is more of an eye opener to let people know the strength each woman calibrated given the situation, the movie is also for female audience to rise up and be vocal about their rights and liberty.

I am certain this film would make a definite place in the history on Indian cinema and hope that the audience receive it well with the subject that is being portrayed in the movie.