Film TARA - Releasing on 12th July 2013

05/21/2013 14:35

Press Release  Dt 17th May 2013

“ TARA ..The journey of love & passion ”  Film release date declared as 12th July 2013 .

Support the burning issue of  women empowerment.


The film is on above subject .

The producer & director of The Film “TARA the journey of love & passion” declared in the presence of all his film crew, friends & supporters that his film release date will be 12th July 2013.

The film is on women empowerment supported by the elite class of most powerful & influential women in India &146  NGO’S in India working day & night for women empowerment .

The Director General of  theTihar jail MrsVimlaMehra Is a woman  who is also named in the list  of most powerful & influential women in India & she has also shown support for the film as the film encourages women to build self esteem & be empowered . The film ‘’TARA … the journey of love & passion’’ will be shown to all in Tihar jail On 18th May 2013 .

The entire team of Tara film including producer director Kumar Raj & leading lady Rekha Rana & others will be In Delhi for the screening in TiharJail  on morning of 18th May 2013  .

One line synopsis of the film :
A lovely village girl’s resolute journey towards life, sustenance and the ever elusive diginity….

Attached is booklet of the Film

“Tara the journey of love & passion “ released by Mrs Neeta Ambani at IPL match at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai on 13th May 2013  .
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The film is produced & directed by Kumar Raj of Kumar Raj Productions.
Associate Director - Brijesh K Kori, Utpal Chakraborty, Raji Palakadan, Amit Parwatkar.

Music by Prakash Prabhakar & Siddharth Kayshap , Cinematographer is Suresh Beesaveni . Lyrics Tanveer Ghazi and Co producer Dharm.

The film was completed in  early 2013 & has been selected in competition section in following film festivals:

Global film festival ( INDIA )

Delhi International film festival ( INDIA )

Jaipur International film festival 2013 ( INDIA )

Nashik International film festival 2013 ( INDIA )

Virginia Asian Film Festival 2013 ( USA )

Bhubaneshwar film festival 2013 ( INDIA )

Aligarh Film Festival 6thFilmsaaz 2013 ( INDIA )

Dada SahebPhalke Film Festival Noida 2013 ( INDIA )

Dublin Social Justice Film Festival 2013 (IRELAND)

The film is planned to be screened at following festivals:

Ladhak International Film Festival  (INDIA) :

Austin Film Festival 2013 Film Competition 2013 – (USA), Stony Brook Film Festival 2013 – (USA) , Festival Of Festival International Film Festival – (Russia)     Indian Film Festival 2013 – (Bangladesh), 49th  Pesaro  Film Festival – (Italy), Puerto Rico International Film Festival – (San Juan)          Impact Film Festival – (Netherland), North Carolina Film Festival – (USA), Filmambiente -Rio De Janeiro – (Brazil), Crystal Palace International Film Festival – (London), Ecologico International Film Festival – (Italy ), Walthamstow  International Film Festival – (London) International Film Festival  Primus – (Slovenia), Willifest  | Williamsburg International Film Festival- (NY) , Athens   International Digital  Film Festival  - (Greece)         Loch  Ness   Film Festival – (United Kingdom) , 20 International Environmental Film Festival 2013 – (Spain), Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2013, London – (UK) Portobello Film Festival 2013 , London – (UK)




The writer Prof. Dr KishanPawar has written the script & story, he has won International award “ BEST STORY & SCRIPT “   in South Africa for our film TARA.

The film has received appreciation & awards at all above film festivals.

RekhaRana received ‘BEST ACTRESS AWARD “  atJaipur International film festival 2013 by Oscar Award winning producer , Mr Mark Baschetwho was also in the jury , on 3rd Feb 2013 .

The film received “ BEST FILM AWARD “ .…Audience choice by Delhi International film festival .

RekhaRana received ‘BEST ACTRESS AWARD “  atNashik International film festival 2013 .
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The film has support & blessings of most powerful women in India including Sonia Gandhi ,KiranBedi , Parvez Godrej , ShabanaAzmi for the women empowerment which the film TARA stands for .