Director, Producer - Kumar Raj

02/24/2013 14:24

I have been in Shipping industry all my life, incidentally six years ago I took a break from my overscheduled work to pursue my passion in film making, I completed my directorial course from digital academy and one year production course from  zema.

Tara – the journey of love and passion is my fourth film and second Hindi feature film, We look for release of Tara early this year.


The theme of the movie is based on woman empowerment, it showcases the plight of the women in rural India and the hardship they have been accustomed to even after 6 decades of independence. It’s my honest gesture to make this film into a catalyst for change in the ideologies of the communities across the nation.

We have sincerely put our efforts to make sure that the agenda of the movie is vocal and could penetrate into the audience as a social cause. Currently the film has received many accolades including best actress at many film festivals across India.

I want this film to generate a privileged uproar in the society and as a film maker if the notion which I have absolutely tried to portray of women empowerment is received very well by the audience across, I would feel that I have done a great job. Unlike other films Tara holds a special connection with me as a director, a producer and most important of all as a individual.

The cast that I have chosen was authentically theatrical group of people, I did not want to give the film a total fictional look, as the message is very important and needs a real time deliverable, which only theatre artist have the caliber to deliver.

We have currently associated with Times of India for our promotions and shall look forward to launch the movie soon. With a very versatile caste and crew completely being honest in their performance I would say I am rather confident with the movie doing absolutely great with the audience.

The portrayal of the lead by Rekha Rana has certainly being the prime of the movie, with everything set for its release we hope the way we have introduced a different form of film making shall lead the trend.