02/20/2013 14:32

I could tell about Tara – the journey of love and passion, as a film that is cultivated from the depth of societal anarchy, it has a message that shows a sense of urgency which me and every other person living in India or abroad has to understand and accept the real facts of life a woman leads in rural India.

I as an artist prefer more of theatres and hence these subjects that are played to liberate a certain segment or a whole are vitally attractive for me, I feel completely privileged to g\have played a part in this film. It is a social agenda that makes the masses realize that they have a potential role to play in the upbringing of our society.

As a person I would mention that the movie has a definite charisma which tends to shine on the socio – cultural and socio – economic dimensions. It’s unique and deliberately loud.

I would like to mention it to my fans and the general audience to understand that we have not simply made a movie that would expect an applaud from them, but we want them to be a part of this initiative that the film is trying to portray.