Actress - Rekha Rana

02/24/2013 13:56

When I was provided with the script for Tara – the journey of love and passion, I was overwhelmed to have an opportunity to work as a lead on such a subject, As an actress I find myself being privileged for the role.

The film is about the life of a nomadic woman of Banjara community who struggles for survival and love with the norms that are more often suited for male dominated society,  she canvases struggle of a woman which the people around the globe fail to see in their over occupied lives.

As an Actress and as a woman I believe that females are more resilient and stronger both emotionally and physically, this movie portrays that simple logic, which many privileged people including myself as a person might have not being able encounter. It tends to display the persistence of how this illiterate woman dares to face the situation, encountering the circumstances created by the society.

It’s a true story and the right reason why I felt so very much compelled to make certain that I have to deliver the right performance, it was nt just a film in making, it was more of an agenda that I felt needs to be highlighted so people could be more active on woman empowerment and liberalization.

Being in theatre for a past three years I developed a liking for such scripts that offer more than glamour initiatives, I feel as an artist its important for me to make most of my skills available for such intense subjects.

I was honoured at jaipur film festival for best actress for the my role in the film, I am now more confident that people would look at the role as more fulfilling and descriptive about the topic and with the performance me and my co stars have dedicated to, I wish people are enlightened on the issue and are able to make a positive and proactive stand in the society today.


I am thankful to Kumar Raj sir our Producer and Director for giving me the opportunity to play the role of Tara and also the opportunity of being able to contribute as a person and an actress in woman liberalization.