Actor - Rohit Raj

02/22/2013 11:29

I have been doing a fair deal of work in commercial films for a span of five years now, and when I was approached for Tara – journey of love and passion, I was intrigued by the story line, the way it has showcased the plight of women in the 21st century .

It was an interesting experience working along the script, realizing the fundamental reality of today as it happens in many rural areas, how women are still fighting to be liberated from the blindfolded norms and ethics of the society in place.

I had a lot to offer as I have been in a metropolitan for quite a long time, going through the ways and knowing the difference between the lifestyle and ideology of people across different cultures that coexist within independent India.

I really feel highly privileged to get the opportunity as an artist to deliver to the society the message which I personally have been bonded through for a long time, about the respect we share for women and how we need to bring a revolution to their rights and living.

During the filming I had come to realize a lot of facet as we see the culture and the way a woman is placed in our society, I feel there is more that this film has to offer to the audience, we have definitely worked hard to be sufficiently audible to make the notion of woman liberation an agenda in the community today.

I certainly hope that this film shall be a class apart medium of delivery of the message and the social response would certainly be vocal.

As an actor I would definitely wish the film does well in the cinemas and also the perspective is aligned to make a definite change in the society.