Actor - Rohan Shroff

02/24/2013 14:27

While working as a lead actor in the Tara – the journey of love and passion, I have developed a sense of distinction between the parallel that me and my society coexist in. I am delhiate and have spent half my life in Mumbai, so I was privileged to grow into a more diversified and civilized culture. Working in International films and many commercial movies in my kitty I feel blessed.

When I was given the script for the film, I noticed that the cast was nearly from theater group and it was going to be a radical opportunity to test my skills with everyone, but as the filming began and the story line started flowing, we realized our humane side for the truth we faced while filming as artist or person about the plight of women in this so called modern India.

It’s an offbeat film based on the lives of banjara community, their lifestyle and ideology, we have few bold scenes but they are the need for the plot, we have exercised prime caution in delivering the precise message we want and definitely a lot of hard work has gone through the making of the film.

I would certainly call myself privileged in real time today to deliver this character and through this film, which certainly has classified itself more than just a tool to make money, there is a lot this film has to offer to the enlightenment of the society about the need for every individual to play his or her part to bring a dramatic change in the way the women are being treated.

I love women, be it my eight year old sister, my mother, my wife or my eighty year old grandmother, so I certainly have developed a different angle from where I see this film to be a success and more like a bible delivering the commandments to harness the civilized potential in our communities.

I am sure that people would love this film and also would acknowledge the agenda that is being shared and in time everyone would actively participate in empowerment of women in our society.