Actor - Rohan Shroff

24/02/2013 14:27

While working as a lead actor in the Tara – the journey of love and passion, I have developed a sense of distinction between the parallel that me and my society coexist in. I am delhiate and have spent half my life in Mumbai, so I was privileged to grow into a more diversified and civilized culture. Working in International films and many commercial movies in my kitty I feel blessed.

When I was given the script for the film, I noticed that the cast was nearly from theater group and it was going to be a radical opportunity to test my skills with everyone, but as the filming began and the story line started flowing, we realized our humane side for the truth we faced while filming as artist or person about the plight of women in this so called modern India.

It’s an offbeat film based on the lives of banjara community, their lifestyle and ideology, we have few bold scenes but they are the need for the plot, we have exercised prime caution in delivering the precise message we want and definitely a lot of hard work has gone through the making of the film.

I would certainly call myself privileged in real time today to deliver this character and through this film, which certainly has classified itself more than just a tool to make money, there is a lot this film has to offer to the enlightenment of the society about the need for every individual to play his or her part to bring a dramatic change in the way the women are being treated.

I love women, be it my eight year old sister, my mother, my wife or my eighty year old grandmother, so I certainly have developed a different angle from where I see this film to be a success and more like a bible delivering the commandments to harness the civilized potential in our communities.

I am sure that people would love this film and also would acknowledge the agenda that is being shared and in time everyone would actively participate in empowerment of women in our society.

Director, Producer - Kumar Raj

24/02/2013 14:24

I have been I Shipping industry all my life, incidentally six years ago I took a break from my overscheduled work to pursue my passion in film making, I completed my directorial course from digital academy and one year production course from  zema.

Tara – the journey of love and passion is my fourth film and second Hindi feature film, We look for release of Tara early this year.


The theme of the movie is based on woman empowerment, it showcases the plight of the women in rural India and the hardship they have been accustomed to even after 6 decades of independence. It’s my honest gesture to make this film into a catalyst for change in the ideologies of the communities across the nation.

We have sincerely put our efforts to make sure that the agenda of the movie is vocal and could penetrate into the audience as a social cause. Currently the film has received many accolades including best actress at many film festivals across India.

I want this film to generate a privileged uproar in the society and as a film maker if the notion which I have absolutely tried to portray of women empowerment is received very well by the audience across, I would feel that I have done a great job. Unlike other films Tara holds a special connection with me as a director, a producer and most important of all as a individual.

The cast that I have chosen was authentically theatrical group of people, I did not want to give the film a total fictional look, as the message is very important and needs a real time deliverable, which only theatre artist have the caliber to deliver.

We have currently associated with Times of India for our promotions and shall look forward to launch the movie soon. With a very versatile caste and crew completely being honest in their performance I would say I am rather confident with the movie doing absolutely great with the audience.

The portrayal of the lead by Rekha Rana has certainly being the prime of the movie, with everything set for its release we hope the way we have introduced a different form of film making shall lead the trend.


Actress - Rekha Rana

24/02/2013 13:56

When I was provided with the script for Tara – the journey of love and passion, I was overwhelmed to have an opportunity to work as a lead on such a subject, As an actress I find myself being privileged for the role.

The film is about the life of a nomadic woman of Banjara community who struggles for survival and love with the norms that are more often suited for male dominated society,  she canvases struggle of a woman which the people around the globe fail to see in their over occupied lives.

As an Actress and as a woman I believe that females are more resilient and stronger both emotionally and physically, this movie portrays that simple logic, which many privileged people including myself as a person might have not being able encounter. It tends to display the persistence of how this illiterate woman dares to face the situation, encountering the circumstances created by the society.

It’s a true story and the right reason why I felt so very much compelled to make certain that I have to deliver the right performance, it was nt just a film in making, it was more of an agenda that I felt needs to be highlighted so people could be more active on woman empowerment and liberalization.

Being in theatre for a past three years I developed a liking for such scripts that offer more than glamour initiatives, I feel as an artist its important for me to make most of my skills available for such intense subjects.

I was honoured at jaipur film festival for best actress for the my role in the film, I am now more confident that people would look at the role as more fulfilling and descriptive about the topic and with the performance me and my co stars have dedicated to, I wish people are enlightened on the issue and are able to make a positive and proactive stand in the society today.


I am thankful to Kumar Raj sir our Producer and Director for giving me the opportunity to play the role of Tara and also the opportunity of being able to contribute as a person and an actress in woman liberalization.


Creative Director - Utpal Chakraborty

24/02/2013 13:55

TARA - Journey of Love and Passion - Creative Director, Utpal Chakraborty

It has been a great experience working in movie "TARA - Journey of Love and Passion".
Great Director-Producer Kumar Raj Sir. Great Team – Rekha Rana, Brijesh Kori, Rohan Shroff, Ashish Salim, Rohit Raj and all and of course a Great Story.

Utpal ChakrabortyI am a Software Engineer and have been in the IT industry from last 15 years but my love and passion for films have attracted me towards the dream city Mumbai from the IT city Bangalore. After attending couple of workshops and training courses on Cinematography, screenplay/script writing, direction and editing on weekends for about 2 years in Mumbai along with my software job I started getting offers from few production houses to work in their projects in various streams like screenplay/script development, direction as an associate director and on editing short films, documentaries, TV serials and feature films. At the same time I was very lucky to get few interesting assignments from Hollywood like editing, rewriting and beautifying existing Hollywood film stories/screenplays as a ghost writer through some channels here in Bollywood.

I was very excited when I got a phone call from Mr. Kumar Raj, the Director & Producer of the movie "TARA - The Journey of Love and Passion" but unfortunately he did not mention anything about my role in proposed film during our telephonic conversation. So, I was bit worried and also shameful about my foolishness not asking anything about my role during our telephonic conversion. The very next day in the morning I went to Kumar Raj Productions office to meet him and during the meeting I was so surprised that he offered me the role of Creative Director in the film as well as Head of website development and social media marketing & promotion team. I was really happy that he realized my strength as software engineer as well as given an opportunity to develop & nurture my new skills in the film direction field.

Working in Tara has been a great experience for me, I learned a lot because it's a great team, full transparency and freedom working in Kumar Raj Productions and especially with Kumar Raj Sir, Dharm Ji, Brijesh & Rekha. Nobody will stop you if you want to do something out of the box, simply full freedom for your creativity.

I watched the movie in the editing room when it was in the final stage and I would say it’s an excellent movie, mind blowing. I was simply spellbound after watching the full movie in the editing room. I am very sure that it's going to be a super hit, you will just love it and it’s going to be a landmark in Indian cinema. I would like to invite you all to watch this great movie “TARA – The Journey of Love and Passion” once it's released in the movie theaters, please don't miss this great opportunity watching this in movie theater.

Utpal Chakraborty | Associate Director | Head Social Media Marketing Team for film TARA |

Actor - Ashish Saleem

24/02/2013 13:34

Tara – the journey of love and passion is a benchmark film in my career not only as an artist but as part of our current society. I have been working in theatre group ( ANK – with Mr. Dinesh Thakur) for a period and have done few commercials as well.

When I was provided with the script for the movie, I was touched by the notion and perspective it was offering. It’s not always that an artist is lucky enough to get such an opportunity where he could play a role to support an agenda that is massively the need in our society today.

I have played a role of second hero in the film who is more academic and aesthetic towards the life, and have shared the way the community needs to love and respect women across the globe. The film has definitely described the in depth corruption that our society has being plagued with, so I can call it an initiative that does bond to a rising social agenda.

I am certain that the film would get a fine response from audiences across the states and also our message would be shared with proper dignity. I am positive that people would enjoy our work, which we have put in to make it a success.

As a person I believe the film has a lot of potential to be recognized in every segment of audience, the music and screenplays have been the finest and have necessarily touched every given segment of the society today.

To conclude I hope that people do understand the message of women liberation, and as a unit of community we all play our respective roles to get the best out for.

Minu Singh - Co-producer, Lyricist, Composer

22/02/2013 14:19

I have been in the industry for a long time now as a Lyricist, composer, singer, contributing to the industry with quiet popular songs as “Dhol vajda” and many Bollywood movie songs.

When Kumar Raj the director and Producer met me and showed me the script I was intrigued with it, and felt a morale obligation that I need to contribute in any possible way to this project, so I came on board as a co producer. Its my first film project and I am glad that I am associated with such a defined film maker and script.

It’s a emotional movie as a woman I find that it’s a need for such films to be shared in the community today, awareness is a necessity where in as artist from the movie fraternity we are contributing in the very available medium to us.

As the script goes I would mention that the woman in India today are massively suffering in this male dominated society, incidents As Tara faces are suffered by many woman across India, in different states, this move is more of an eye opener to let people know the strength each woman calibrated given the situation, the movie is also for female audience to rise up and be vocal about their rights and liberty.

I am certain this film would make a definite place in the history on Indian cinema and hope that the audience receive it well with the subject that is being portrayed in the movie.

Actor - Rohit Raj

22/02/2013 11:29

I have been doing a fair deal of work in commercial films for a span of five years now, and when I was approached for Tara – journey of love and passion, I was intrigued by the story line, the way it has showcased the plight of women in the 21st century .

It was an interesting experience working along the script, realizing the fundamental reality of today as it happens in many rural areas, how women are still fighting to be liberated from the blindfolded norms and ethics of the society in place.

I had a lot to offer as I have been in a metropolitan for quite a long time, going through the ways and knowing the difference between the lifestyle and ideology of people across different cultures that coexist within independent India.

I really feel highly privileged to get the opportunity as an artist to deliver to the society the message which I personally have been bonded through for a long time, about the respect we share for women and how we need to bring a revolution to their rights and living.

During the filming I had come to realize a lot of facet as we see the culture and the way a woman is placed in our society, I feel there is more that this film has to offer to the audience, we have definitely worked hard to be sufficiently audible to make the notion of woman liberation an agenda in the community today.

I certainly hope that this film shall be a class apart medium of delivery of the message and the social response would certainly be vocal.

As an actor I would definitely wish the film does well in the cinemas and also the perspective is aligned to make a definite change in the society.


Best Film, Best Actress, Best Story/screen play award

21/02/2013 20:03

Brief details on Hindi feature film
“TARA … the journey of love and passion"

Genre : Drama

Length 1 hr 45 mins

This is a film on girl child ,  women enpowerment  & its a women oriented film dealing with a very intresting story script & screenplay written by Dr Prof Krishna Kumar Pawar . The story  deals with various problems faced by women Indian villages and how the female protagonist Tara  deals with it & comes out of same . Tara is played by  a young talented beautiful theatre artist Rekha Rana .

The cast including Rekha Rana ,  the hero  Rohan Shroff , Ashish Salim  & many more artists are from famous theatre , ANK group  of late Mr Dinesh Thakur .

The film is produced & directed by Kumar Raj of Kumar Raj Productions .

Music is Prakash Prabakar & Siddarth Kayshap , Cinematographor is Suresh Beesavani .

The commercial version of the film will be released in march 2013 .

The festival version of the film was completed & has been selected in competition section  in following film festivals:

Global film festival

Delhi International film festival

Jaipur International film festival 2013

Nashik International film festival

The writer Prof . Dr Kishan Pawar has written script & story , he has  won interntional award in south africa as best story for our film Tara .

The film has received appreciation at all film festivals .

The film's heroine Rekha Rana received ‘Best Actress”  award at Jaipur International film festival by Oscar Award winning producer who was also in the jury , Mr Mark Bassant on 3rd  Feb 2013 .

The film has been submitted  for Cannes film festival , May 2013 .

Following is Synopsis of the Hindi Feature Film : Tara , The Journey of Love & passion .

Synopsis of Hindi Feature Film

“Tara  the journey of love and passion”

Produced & Directed By Kumar Raj

Kumar Raj Productions

Genre: Drama

Merely a few hundred kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of the fanatically fast paced Mumbai city lies the deceptively sleepy village of Tanda. A village girl Tara seems to be content with her confined life, very much in love with her liquor maker husband. But, when the beautiful protagonist’s seemingly mundane existence parts ways to reveal the unspoken realities of exploitation and darkness enveloping the village, she leads the villagers in their quest for survival, only to realize that she is up against something she may not be prepared to fight against—prejudice. The young woman who bravely stood up for the whole community finds herself cruelly alienated in her most vulnerable moment.

Ultimately, after a series of gut wrenching experiences, she has to make a choice... Based on disturbingly common realities of Indian villages, this powerful story of self-discovery transcends the original theme of tribal strife to raise a universal question—can you always choose freedom & self-respect over social acceptance?  The journey of  the extraordinary woman Tara in very difficult situations reveals the story of love and passion  and how she deals with same.


20/02/2013 14:32

I could tell about Tara – the journey of love and passion, as a film that is cultivated from the depth of societal anarchy, it has a message that shows a sense of urgency which me and every other person living in India or abroad has to understand and accept the real facts of life a woman leads in rural India.

I as an artist prefer more of theatres and hence these subjects that are played to liberate a certain segment or a whole are vitally attractive for me, I feel completely privileged to g\have played a part in this film. It is a social agenda that makes the masses realize that they have a potential role to play in the upbringing of our society.

As a person I would mention that the movie has a definite charisma which tends to shine on the socio – cultural and socio – economic dimensions. It’s unique and deliberately loud.

I would like to mention it to my fans and the general audience to understand that we have not simply made a movie that would expect an applaud from them, but we want them to be a part of this initiative that the film is trying to portray.


TARA The Journey of Love and Passion - Utpal Chakraborty

TARA - Journey of Love and Passion - Utpal Chakraborty

07/05/2013 15:25
TARA - Journey of Love and Passion - Utpal Chakraborty It has been a great experience working in movie "TARA - Journey of Love and Passion". Great Director-Producer Kumar Raj Sir. Great Team – Rekha Rana, Brijesh Kori, Rohan Shroff, Ashish Salim, Rohit Raj and all and of course a Great Story. I am...

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